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Plastic Injection Mold Design, Build, and Repair
Plastic Injection Molds

Die Cast Tool is a plastic injection mold builder. We make molds and tooling for plastic injection part manufacturers. Our services include plastic injection mold design, building, maintenance, repair, and re-engineering. Our team of highly skilled and experienced mold makers can produce both Prototype and Production tools.

Using advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, our technicians and engineers take great pride in their abilities to fulfill our clients' requirements. We manufacture quality plastic injection molds in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from simple parts to designs with complex and challenging geometry

From design to final product, Die Cast Tool's integrated manufacturing process results in robust finished products. We offer pre-production evaluations of molds in order to help ensure quality. With our comprehensive mold making capabilities, we can provide both single and multi- cavity molds, as well as completely interchangeable cavities for standardization and repeatability.

Our professional engineers optimize with the latest in CAD/CAM software to develop plastic injection molds from both 2D and 3D part designs. We use industry-standard tooling whenever possible from suppliers such as DME, PCS, and Progressive Components. This means that your molds last longer and that perishable components can be easily replaced with standard
on-the-shelf catalog items, thereby reducing overall mold maintenance costs.

Die Cast Tool LLC can provide:

  • Injection mold design
  • Injection mold building
  • Injection mold repair
  • Engineering changes to molds

Our modern fully-equipped 20000 sq. ft. shop ensures fast response on your tooling needs. We are capable of producing both prototype and production tools with minimal lead times. Our team is staffed with highly skilled and experienced mold makers, and our facility is equipped with the latest machinery. In-house resources give us direct mold build control, rapid maintenance, refurbishment, and revision capability.

Our engineering staff works closely with the client to insure the customer receives a mold that fills their requirement. We can build to your specifications or design around your ideas. We use state of the art technology and equipment to turn ideas into finished products.





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