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Wire and RAM Electrical Discharge Machining Capabilities

Electrical Discharge Machining is considered one of the most accurate manufacturing processes available for creating complex or simple shapes and geometries within parts and assemblies that are too difficult to conventionally machine. EDM works by eroding the material in the path of electrical discharges that form an arc between an electrode tool and the work piece itself. Electrical Discharge Machining manufacturing is affordable and a desirable manufacturing process when low unit volume or high accuracy is required.

Electrical Discharge Machining provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability.  Die Cast Tool, LLC uses wire EDM and conventional EDM as single machining processes on parts that are too demanding or time consuming to conventionally machine.  Plunge EDM is used to create cavities and complex shapes in hard-to-machine metals.  But EDM is also used as a secondary process to finish pre-machined or hardened work pieces to exact dimensions.

EDM makes it possible to work with metals for which
traditional machining techniques are ineffective.

Wirecut Accuracy
Wire EDM cutting produces excellent dimensional accuracy with a high quality surface finish. Wire EDM is used after heat treat to cut profiles of irregularly shaped mating work pieces producing die details that require a minimum of fitting at assembly. We also use the Wire to finish core and ejector pin holes allowing for exact location and fit.

Electrode Machining
High speed machining of Electrodes on our new SNC 64 highly accurate for use in our RAM EDM machines.

Makino U53 CNC Wire EDM
The Makino U53 CNC Wire EDM features submerged cutting with a drop tank configuration to permit easy loading of large heavy parts. The machine also provides a circuit to reduce corrosion of the part during long cuts.  Submerged EDM machining offers higher accuracy since thermal characteristics of the work piece are maintained at a constant temperature.

XYZ travel, 20.5" x 14.5" x 12.6"
Workpiece size 37" x 31" x 12.5"
Table load capacity, 3300lbs


Electrical Discharge Machining

Charmilles Robofil 510 Wire EDM
The Charmilles Robofil 510 Wire EDM has a completely enclosed work envelope and very large taper cutting ability. The Charmilles technology generates high speed cutting of large work pieces.

XYZ travel 25.5" x 15.75" x 15.75"
Workpiece 47.25" x 27.5" x 15.75"
Table load capacity, 2200lbs

Makino DUO 64 Wire EDM
XYZ Travel: 25.6" x 15.75" x 16.5"
Table Size: 35.8" x 25.98"
Tank Size: 42.12" x 33.66"
Max Workpiece: 35.83" x 25.98" x 15.75"
Max Workpiece Weight: 2.645 lbs

Makino EDNC85W

  • Orbital Ram EDM
  • XYZ Travel: 31.5" x 20" x 13.7"
  • Table Size: 59" x 43" x 20"
  • Table Load Capacity: 6610 lbs.
  • Max Electrode Weight: 330 lbs.

Makino EDNC 64

  • Orbital Ram EDM
  • XYZ Travel: 23.6" x 15.7" x 9.8"
  • Table Size: 35.4" x 24.8" x 15.7"
  • Table Load Capacity: 3300 lbs.
  • Max Electrode Weight: 165 lbs.








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